Free Speech and Islam

What happened in Paris today? Three Muslims appear to have killed people for the crime of free expression. I purposely left something out of that description. I intentionally did not modify the word Muslim with anything such as “radical”, “fundamentalist” or any such garbage.

Why? Doesn’t it seem like the daily crawl of murder and rape stats by most media outlets have to include some qualifier on the word “Muslim”, or the perpetrators are not referred to by any religious affiliation? Why is that?

I’m not the smartest man in the world by any means, but does it appear that they don’t want you to think or realize that this is what Muslims actually do? That this is not some esoteric sect of Muslims that doesn’t reflect on the vast masses of Muslims holding hands and singing Kumbaya, but what Islam really is? That real moderate Muslims are the ones who don’t want to kill and rape everyone, basically dirty backsliders/shitty Muslims?

I think so. Now ask yourself why. If Muslims are very prone to murder, decapitation, rape and every other heinous crime possible, wouldn’t they come after journalists who are telling people that Muslims are savage mass murderers? I thought journalists weren’t afraid of backlash from their brave reporting? Apparently they are. 10 dead journalists in Paris prove the the rest of those cowards right. They are right to fear for their lives, especially in Europe. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a price on her head. So do Salman Rushdie and many others.

It’s a big problem, eh? What is any self respecting French reporter to do? They could start by reporting the truth. Islam is not “The Religion of Peace”. Thanks, W. It’s a stone age pagan death cult, Theo-political construct, religious communism, etc. Journalists as a whole could start telling people that Nazis are left wing socialists and they and the Muslims couldn’t get enough of each other during WW2.

We could then move on to advanced concepts such as Fascism is also not right wing. Once we’ve cleared that up, journalists could accurately describe PEGIDA. Then, (I know I’m asking a lot) journalists could realize that in a Christian society their lives are protected unlike a society in which Muslims operate with impunity.

Isn’t it sad that Christians beheaded Martin Scorsese after making “The Last Temptation of Christ”? And impaled Willem Dafoe for playing Jesus? Almost as sad as what would happen to someone in Saudi Arabia if he made a movie entitled “The 9 Year Old Temptation of Mohammed”.